About us


Ihler AARHUS APPAREL is a Danish brand with office in Aarhus.

The vision for the brand is that the clothes will make us feel beautiful, delicious and well-dressed in every situation. We see a niche for the brand, a need to dress up and dress-down with the same set, and in this, ihler AARHUS APPAREL developed. The basic element in the collection is the Danish design tradition, inspired by life and the people around us. With simple style and high quality, the collection mirrors what happens in art, culture and architecture of Aarhus and the rest of the world. ihler AARHUS APPAREL overall vision is to be represented in the world's best international retail stores, starting with the home market, Germany and in Benelux. The brand is represented at fairs In Copenhagen, Berlin, Amsterdam and more relevant fairs in Europe.

About the woman

Target group, women, young women, age 20-40. The wearer of ihler AARHUS APPAREL, is relaxed, uncomplicated and self-contained, as few. She instinctively knows that all good fashion is about discovering her own style. Her wardrobe contains the design quality fashion that can be worn and put together in different ways to suit her varying needs.

About the collections

ihler AARHUS APPAREL designs 2 annual ready-to-wear women collections

About CSR

CSR means for ihler AARHUS APPAREL that the clothes are produced under orderly conditions, as close as possible to the customers. 90% of spring collection 2018 is produced in Europe. The goal is to produce 100% locally, without waste and focusing on a clean environment. The suppliers of ihler AARHUS APPAREL are good and close partners, who also have the same desire for sustainability and quality. The purpose is to give the clothes a long life - and it will get it when it fits firmly on the body. When we feel comfortable, we simply use the clothes for longer - therefore there is a lot of focus on how the fit should be. There is never a compromise on the brand.

Behind the brand

Designer Marlene Ihler, born and raised in Aarhus, who after 17 years behind other brands has created her own, and love to share her understanding of colour and design.